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Eater StarWatch: Prince at the Green Door, Matthew Perry at Busby's, Richard Gere at Paperfish and MORE

We know you see them, you know we love them: Send all StarWatch sightings right here. Please put "StarWatch" in the subject line so we know you're at the door.

GREEN DOOR: Before playing linebacker for all the assholes trying to cut in front of us at the private Prince show on Tuesday, we spotted: Adrian Grenier with mostly guy friends, and adorable Amy Smart with girlfriends. After that, we only had eyes for Prince (his band and singer, natch). [StarWatch]

BUSBY'S: A tipster writes that she saw Matthew Perry at the sports bar last Sunday. "I think he's dating one of the servers. He has a thing for servers." [StarWatch Inbox]

PAPERFISH: Half star or not, Richard Gere was spotted having dinner on Wednesday night (4/9). [StarWatch Inbox]

AKASHA: Akasha Richmond has a celeb following so we expect to see random sightings. Last week, Ed Norton, this week Rachael Leigh Cook (spotted on Friday 4/4). [StarWatch Inbox]

THE DEL: 'Star' is relative: "I saw Tara Reid (no make-up, dressed down!) on Thursday 3/27 with (what looked like) her family. The sat at a booth in the bar area, about 6 or 7 people." [StarWatch Inbox]

PIZZICOTTO: David Duchovny was spotted last night (Friday, April 4) in Brentwood "at the front table next to the window with another man who I didn't recognize." [StarWatch Inbox]

FARMER'S MARKET BONUS: From Sunday: "Just got back from the Hollywood Farmers Market. Ellen Page was there....looking very Juno-ish." Defamer has her buying brussel sprouts or something healthy. [StarWatch Inbox]

MANI'S BAKERY: On Tuesday, Jason Schwartzman grabbed something to go from the Fairfax bakery. "Cute, short, almost as exciting as the delicious piece of cherry pie I was devouring mid-sighting." [Defamer]