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The Doughboys Dilemmas

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Pic via Blackburn and Sweetzer

Whenever we call the Highland Doughboys to see what's going on with the original Third Street location (still under construction), the staffers don't really have the answers. Tracking the owners down or leaving a message that probably falls from an overcrowded kitchen corkboard is futile. But something's going on in Doughboysland, that's for sure. First, from Blackburn and Sweetzer, the awnings have been removed from the exterior of the Third Street building, and our sibling Racked says the rumor among shopkeepers is that retailer Madison is taking the space.

And then this from a reader: "What is going on at Doughboys on Highland? Normally I wouldn't go to a B-rated restaurant but I do love their food and it's always packed. First, they ran out of menus. This has to be a first for me. What kind of established restaurant runs out of their own menus? Second, they were out of two dishes I wanted to order and it was only 12:30. Third, they ran out of water glasses (which are actually hard plastic) and they started using plastic Solo cups. Did they run out of hot water? Did the dishwasher quit in the middle of his shift? What goes?" Indeed. What goes?
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