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The Dish: Soul Vegetarian Now Village Vegan, Royal/T, Flake, Second Story All Open

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Here we have some bonus weekend Dish. Got a little debut dish dying to get out? Window #2, please.

CULVER CITY: Cafe, shop, art space all in one, Royal/T opened its doors for LA Art Weeekend. The menu is "influenced by Tokyo's Akihabara district"; they call it "Japanese comfort food with a California twist" i.e. rice bowls, sandwiches with wasabi mayonaise, green tea desserts. And it's true: The servers wear maid outfits. (8910 Washington Blvd., 310.559.6300)

MID-CITY: The former Soul Vegetarian is now Vegan Village Internet Cafe, still owned by Jewel Thais-Williams but under new management. The menu sticks to non-meat, no-dairy fixin's but includes BBQ dumplings, "hot wings," tostadas, burritos, tacos, "faux shrimp and fries," smoothies and ice cream. (4061 W. Pico Blvd., 323.766.9377)

VENICE: The cereal bar concept confounds and confuses (is it really challenging pouring your own bowl of Corn Flakes or walking down the cereal aisle at Ralph's?), but Daily Candy's take on newbie Flake (an oh-so-clever song set to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody) is even more mind-blogging. However, in addition to cereal, Flake has morning treats like bagels and "English muff," which we hope means English muffin. (513 Rose Ave, 310.396.2333)

MANHATTAN BEACH: The Belamar Hotel opened Second Story---named so because it's on, yep, the second floor---in March. The breakfast/lunch/dinner is all over the place: focused on American favorites like meatloaf, meatball sliders, steaks, entree-sized salads, plus tacos, wings, mushroom and leek risotto, lobster rolls and ahi tuna sashimi. But close proximity to the airport and beach is a plus. (3501 Sepulveda Blvd, 310.750.0300)

Royal/T servers via LAist

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