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EaterWire: Greenleaf Opening Soon, Gus's Slight Delay, Rustic Canyon's New Breakfast

BEVERLY HILLS: Following the build-your-own salad trend, the Plywooded Greenleaf has piqued some interest. Tipster #1: "I took this snap on Wilshire Blvd next to Subway for what looks like a new made-to-order salad shop. I didn't want to intrude inside, but it looks they're still finishing up construction, but should be ready within a few weeks or a month or two at most." From tipster #2, "The website says opens May 1 but it looks like there is a lot of work to be done inside." May 1 is the target date, and you know, a lot can happen in *cough* two weeks. [EaterWire Inbox]

SOUTH PASADENA: We heard Gus's Barbecue would reopen as early as today, April 14, but as these things go, the public debut has been pushed to Wednesday, April 16. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA: Rustic Canyon might be losing a chef, but it gained a breakfast. Saturdays (8am-12pm), you'll find breakfast pastries like maple bacon scones, pistachio tea cake, frittatas, mimosas, Groundworks coffee. It's counter service, relaxed, and close to the Saturday farmer's market, just what every neighborhood could use. [EaterWire Inbox]