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Downtown Bar Wars: Doheny Barmen Head to Edison

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We know Cedd Moses wants to create an air of mystique around The Doheny, but who knew he'd get so much drama to boot. A couple weeks ago, Caroline on Crack infiltrated the private members-only club, thanks to her man-on-the-scene and Seven Grand barman extraordinaire, Marcos Tello. Tello told the blogger that she could go in on the condition that she not bring a camera, but he didn't say anything about blogging about it. This is only semi-confirmed, and we don't know if it's in direct correlation to the sneak peek, but from a tipster:

"They suspended Marco for one month, and he quit. So he is gone from Doheny. The manager Aidin is now the bar manager at Edison, and if everything works out Marco will be working at Edison as well."
See now, we can get into Edison, so this works in our favor...and anyone else shy of the $4,000 Doheny entry fee who wants fancy cocktails.
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