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Eater Inside: Andiamo

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Photos by Alen Lin, 4/08

Tucked away in a Silver Lake stripmall, under a yoga studio, we have Andiamo, the eco-friendly pizza and Italian joint that opened about a month ago. Other than those orange walls, several things make Andiamo stick out: They use Lance scooters, which get about 90 miles to the gallon, for delivery; everything's served with biodegradable plates, utensils and napkins, even if you're eating in, but it all goes to a compost heap afterward; and because it's still so new, you can get delivery as far as Downtown if you so desired. The menu features hand-tossed whole wheat pizza in addition to traditional NY-style thin crust, organic ingredients as much as possible, house-made dressings for the salads, and they don't serve corn syrup sodas. Breakfast started this week, so now there's cinnamon rolls, pizza (ricotta, spinach, egg), and organic coffees and teas. Eventually co-owners Billy Basha, wife Megan Collins and chef Anthony Spinella want a biodiesel car to add to the delivery fleet: They can use their own cooking oils for fuel. See, Kermit, it's not so easy being green. Some early notes about Andiamo here, and more about it's eco-ness here.


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