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Non-Top Chef Manuel

We had brunch at Dos Caminos in the Palazzo this weekend (good guac, so-so enchiladas), and corporate executive chef Scott Linquist was on hand to answer any and all questions from the group. Well, almost all. When we asked about former Top Cheffer and Dos Caminos chef Manuel Trevino's recent departure from the restaurant group, Linquist simply said: "If Manuel showed his true self, maybe he would've stayed on the show longer. That's all I'm going to say." By the tone of his voice, we take this to mean that the aw-shucks, thank you ma'am attitude Memo showed when he was booted from the TC lineup wasn't the real Memo. Maybe if he showed his true colors like, say, Butternut Squash Spike, he could've made it past week three. Out of a job and a top-rated cooking show. What unbelievable timing. [ENY/ELA]

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