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Women Sushi Rollers

Miki Izumisawa, chef/owner of 242 Cafe Fusion Sushi in Laguna Beach, proves that women chefs can do sushi. The LAT article includes a semi-entertaining video of the chef in action, plus some facts and figures proving that the female-sushi chef trend is on the rise in Southern California. That's all well and good, but one fact caught us off guard: Tracy Griffith, sushi chef and sister to Melanie, was referenced as "partner and chef at Rika on Sunset," which sounds like the restaurant still exists. Totally shuttered. Rika was one of the early hiccups in the Sunset Millennium plaza, barely open a year, replaced by Ketchup. Oddly related: Call the number found on the old Rika website, and you'll be directed to Tokyo Table on La Cienega. Just coincidence. [LAT]

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