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Abode: Officially Shuttered

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Five days shy of its first anniversary, and a little more than a week after we heard there was a staff shut-out, we get a note from Abode's owners:

"I wanted to let you know that we have now actually closed. Our investors were not willing to support the project through the first year. We closed for one week trying to negotiate with them to no avail. We still feel, as most of our guests and reviewers (besides LA times) did, that we had one of the most special restaurants on the Westside. We would like to thank the thousands of supporters of Abode and hope to see them in our next (more sufficiently funded) project. Namaste, anastasia & kelly"
Tough times for all. We recall that at least two investors were Dr. McSteamy (Grey's Eric Dane) and Dr. 90201 cutter Jason Diamond; you know it's a bad economy when actors and plastic surgeons start watching their wallets. Opening chef Dominique Crenn is still catching her footing at Luce in San Francisco, but looks like she got out when the getting was good.
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