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Americana at Brand: Dining Update

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Katsuya en route, via Americana at Brand

As our brethren at Curbed have noted: Rick Caruso's Americana at Brand is just days away from its big Glendale debut. We drove around the construction site a few weeks ago and it's definitely its own little city in there, lots of activity, heavy lifting equipment, hard hats. What we couldn't do was get inside to get all the restaurant Plywood---and there's lots. Above is a shot of SBE's third (and largest) Katsuya location, which along with all of the other restaurants, will open on May 2 when the complex does. The roster includes: Frida Mexican Cuisine (from Beverly Hills), Cheesecake Factory, Granville Cafe; plus quickies like Pinkberry, Jamba Juice, Jody Maroni's, CrepeMaker, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Beard Papa; then something called Jewel City Diner, an offshoot of the Sunset Strip's Caffe Primo, and Richie's Pizzeria, which just opened another location in Santa Monica. None of these restaurants are particularly earth-shattering, and unless the traffic problems around Americana and the Glendale mall cease to persist, it's just as easy to get to the other locations. Plus, none compare to nearby Porto's.
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