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The Minx Interview Process: After 5pm! Drinks! Flirting!

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Nightclub and restaurant hiring managers: Never underestimate who you're dealing with. Found on Craigslist:

"Attention any girls who attended the bottle service interview at Minx in Glendale this past Friday, I am trying to gather information regarding your interview process. If you felt harassed by management in any way, or just found the whole situation to be strange (being interviewed at 930pm, then encouraged to drink, given drinks without being ID'd, flirted with by the staff, etc...) then please respond as I am taking action in an effort to ensure this type of behavior is not allowed to persist. Thank you. Compensation may follow."
She either didn't get the job, or just went in with more brains than they're used to. Minx is that sail-fronted monstrosity on the 134 Highway with a restaurant that serves mostly as spill-over space for the Axe-scented nightclub next door. Let's assume "bottle service interview" means this was an interview for cocktail waitress positions; otherwise one might expect drinking, socializing, and flirting at a bottle-service interview.
· attention girls who attended the bottle service interview at MINX [Craigslist]

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