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Top Grossing Restaurants in U.S.

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Restaurants & Institutions released its annual list of the 100 highest-grossing independent (non-chain) restaurants in the country. Not surprisingly, New York and Vegas restos top the list---#1 Tao at the Venetian pulled in more than $66 million in 2007---proving once again that the tourist dollar is a mighty one. For Southern California: #37 Gladstone's in Malibu ($14.5 mil), #67 Lawry's the Prime Rib ($12.3 mil), and #89 George's at the Cove in La Jolla made the list. No to the Spago flagship, but yes to the Vegas outpost (#92, $11.5 mil). Also in Vegas: We don't doubt its allure, but it's surprising that #9 SW Steakhouse at the Wynn is the second Vegas restaurant on the list with ($20.5 mil), followed by #11 Mix at Mandalay Bay, #28 Bartolotta at the Wynn, and Colicchio's #36 Craftsteak among others. Combined food and bev sales from all 100 restaurants totaled $1.53 billion. [R&I via Eater SF]