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EaterWire: LGO in Santa Monica, PETA OKs STK

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SANTA MONICA: La Grande Orange opened in Pasadena a few weeks ago, so now it's time to hear about its westside sibling: "I was just driving down Main Street in Santa Monica and saw a sign for Le Grande Orange. The city approved a CUP for them recently. I was driving so I couldn't get a photo - sorry! [Ed. note: Stop car. Get out. Take snap. Continue.] But it's in a four-story mixed-use building (apartments up top, retail below), at 2000 Main Street, just south of Pico." When the LGO group came to Los Angeles from Arizona, they announced both locations, and considering how long it's taken to open Pasadena, we might be in for a wait in SM. [EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Paparazzi spotted "Meat is Murder" Morrissey coming out of New York steakhouse import STK on La Cienega the other day, and TMZ called him out for it because, you know, it's a steakhouse and he's a staunch and very vocal vegan. PETA jumped in giving all vegetarians clearance: "PETA is fine with vegetarians dining at steakhouses. It's just like shopping at stores like Whole Foods that also sell meat, because it's good to show proprietors they can make money by selling veggie options." Um, can we get the grilled hypocrite, medium-rare, a side of mashed hypocrite, and a bottle of hypocrisy, please? Thanks. [TMZ]

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