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The Silver Lake Shutter: What's to Become of Michaelangelo, Eat Well, Backdoor Bakery and Others?

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Former Flor Morena, Wildbell, Flickr

LA Metblogs takes a head count of various business that have gone under in Silver Lake, and it's not pretty on the restaurant/cafe/bar front. We have details on some of the empty "loooong gone and vacant" locations, which might cheer them up, but still a lot of unanswered questions. If you have some answers, the tip line is open:

Flor Morena: We were queried about the empty space last November, but recently got an email from someone who wants to know who owns the space, they want to lease it. Let us know, we'll play matchmaker.

Johnny’s Bar: Bobby Green, one of the Bigfoot Lodge owners, has dibs on this location. Still no hard details on what he has planned.

Netty’s: Last time we drove by it looked the same as it always did: closed, fenced in, not much work being done. It's supposed to become Reservoir, which was a partnership between Gloria Felix and pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind. Belkind, however, is working on her own bakery project. Felix became one of Gordon Ramsay's coaches on the current season of Hell's Kitchen, and taping could have added to the delays.

Backdoor Bakery & Cafe: It had lovers and haters, but losing it right when LA Mill opened was controversial. The landlord is to blame,and there's no word yet on a replacement. As for where the Backdoor crew will end up, according to their MySpace page, they were meeting with landlords in February and continue to search for a new location: "We also miss our coffee like crazy – both Reno and I are die hard Americano drinkers and NOBODY does it better, in spite of all the hoopla of the surrounding environs ;>."

Eat Well: The same owner of Eat Well on Beverly (currently becoming Kokomo Cafe) was trying to sell the place in January, after it was DOH'd for vermin. The space still sits empty.

Mornings/Nights Cafe: The Griffith Park Boulevard cafe closed last year due to a fire, and it was supposed to reopen. Anyone know what's going in here?

Michaelangelo's: Add this one to the list. The Italian resto directly across from LA Mill expects to close at the end of May, also citing landlord issues. No idea what will take its place, and the Michaelangelo peeps are looking for new digs.
· Silver Lake: Another One Bites the Dust [LA Metblogs]