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It Only Took Three Years: Pinkberry Finally and Officially "Frozen Yogurt"

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Last week, we broke the news that Pinkberry settled a lawsuit with a woman who claimed the "chilly bliss" company misrepresented their product as "frozen yogurt, "healthy," "non-fat" and "all natural." Pinkberry had to pay $750,000 to two charities, plus fork out some hefty attorney's fees and a smaller sum to the plaintiff. When the woman filed the lawsuit last year, Pinkberry still kept all its ingredients hidden from the public (the powder was "a secret"), it had minimal live and active cultures to call itself yogurt, and it wasn't made in accordance with the California Department of Food & Agriculture because it was blended in-store. Whether the company was feeling the heat from the media, consumers or both, Pinkberry took all references of "yogurt" from their website, from the catchy song, and dubbed its stuff "chilly bliss."

Cut to 2008: The company changed its formula, now lists the ingredients on the website, and started making the product off-site as it should've been all along. (A press representative told us they just didn't know.) But now, ho NOW, three years after the craze began...drumroll please...the National Yogurt Association has given Pinkberry the live and active culture seal of approval. Friends, Pinkberry is officially "frozen yogurt." Mind you, when competitor Red Mango opened its first store here last summer, it had the NYA approval out of the gate. Full press release, after the jump.


LOS ANGELES, April 17, 2008– Pinkberry today announced that the National Yogurt Association has approved the use of the Live and Active Culture Seal on its frozen yogurt. The seal certifies that Pinkberry contains a significant number of live and active cultures - more than 10 million per gram at the time of manufacture.

"Pinkberry's uniquely tangy nonfat frozen yogurt has generated a loyal consumer following in Southern California and New York," said Ron Graves, chief executive officer of Pinkberry. "We applied for and received this certification to assure our customers that our product is and always has been made with real yogurt."

Pinkberry is nonfat and a good source of calcium. It contains live and active cultures including Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

"The National Yogurt Association is excited to certify the use of its Live and Active Culture Seal to Pinkberry frozen yogurt products," said NYA President Leslie Sarasin. "We applaud Pinkberry for bringing a unique, affordable luxury to consumers."

Pinkberry features three flavors of frozen yogurt - original, green tea, and coffee - each with the refreshing, Pinkberry signature tangy taste. A wide range of high quality fruit and creative dry toppings are the perfect complement to the three flavors.

Every aspect of the Pinkberry experience is thought through with the customer in mind – from the engaging store design, to the distinct taste of the frozen yogurt, to the quality and creativity of the toppings, to the music, to the interaction with the Pinkberry team members.

About the National Yogurt Association
The National Yogurt Association (NYA) is the national trade association that represents the growing and innovative industry of manufacturers, distributors and marketers of Live and Active Culture yogurt, as well as suppliers of goods and services to the industry. NYA is dedicated to advancing the interests of the live and active culture yogurt industry, as well as helping consumers understand the healthful attributes associated with consumption of these products. The Association also represents industry among policymakers, the media and the general public through various legislative, public relations, regulatory and research activities.

NYA provides information on a variety of issues affecting the industry and provides information to consumers on the health aspects and nutritional properties of live and active culture yogurt. For more information, please visit the NYA website at .

About Pinkberry
Pinkberry is frozen yogurt - reinvented. Inspired by European gelato and frozen yogurt history, America's ice cream pastime, and pop culture from around the world, Pinkberry creates a communal experience that indulges the senses. You can personalize Pinkberry's uniquely tangy non-fat frozen yogurt using a variety of high-quality and creative toppings. Pinkberry currently has 50 locations throughout California and New York and is growing rapidly. Get your taste of swirly goodness by visiting


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