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The Worst Table in LA: A Special Eater Contest!

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From Eater SF

The above picture exposes what is probably one of the worst tables in San Francisco. And as noted yesterday, LA has its fair share of bad seats (table #7 at Providence, for example). One we personally experienced: The table directly next to the sushi bar server station at the new Nobu; the banquette side is great, but servers carry away plates over the head of the nervous-looking preson in the chair. Depending on your perspective, the "kiddie room" tables at Osteria Mozza are either perfect or horrible. We tried this last year, but since our siblings to the north and east want to make a competition out of it: Send in your candidates for the worst tables in the city (with a picture if you can) to or leave it in the comments, and we'll put it to a vote next week. If this local primary goes well, expect a national election soon.
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