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Silver Lake Rumor Mill: Blair Taking Flor Morena? Breadbar at Eat Well? Crazy Landlords?

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Former Flor Morena, Wildbell, Flickr

Almost immediately after posting about several Silver Lake shutterings, we received a few unsubstantiated, though notable, claims. You know we're all about rumor, gossip and conjecture, so let's just throw these out there and see if any stick. Some will surely get the Eastsiders in a food-frenzied tizzy:

1) Flor Morena: Two responses: "There's a pending deal for Flor Morena - don't know who." But then this:."Apparently multiple restaurateurs are vying for the Flor Morena spot, which is prized because it has parking spaces. One of the leading contenders is Blair from Blair's Restaurant."

2) Michelangelo: "Maybe staying put. The parking issues and tiny size make it difficult to lease (which is why Josef Centeno dropped out), plus the landlord is truly insane."

3) Eat Well: "Could very well become the first Eastside outpost of Breadbar."

4) Backdoor Bakery: "Myrna Marin, who owns Modem Salon, is supposed to open her own restaurant in the adjacent Back Door space, which she owns. No idea if she's partnering with a chef or what type of food she's expected to offer."

5) Netty's: Reservoir plans may be scrapped: "I talked to a guy---Mikel Mark Kim---who said he is opening up his “fusion” restaurant in the Netty’s space. He was a sous/pastry for the opening of Tanzore and has been in Yountville staging at French Laundry since leaving. When I asked him if it’s Asian fusion (since he’s Asian) he said not really?would rather not specify or narrow it down. But it will be fine dining. He said June but by the looks of the place I highly doubt it." UPDATE/CORRECTION: According to Gloria Feliz, this guy and his story is completely false. Reservoir still on track.
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