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EaterWire: El Prado Open, Still Unsure What It Is, Izakaya Katsu-ya Cutting Back, Top Chef Cookbook Signing

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El Prado via The Guide

ECHO PARK: We mentioned yesterday that El Prado looked like it was open but there was really no telling what it was, when it was, or what it served. Turns out that's exactly what the owners want: "Everything — drinks, food, music, and even the tableau set with bags of apples and a vintage bike — is subject to change. There’s no telling when." For now, it's Belgian brews, radish and butter sandwiches, maybe some charcuterie and cheese. [Daily Candy

MID-CITY: From a reader who lunched at Izakaya by Katsu-ya yesterday: "Noticed that portions of seaweed salad and miso black cod were significantly smaller than usual. I asked about it and the waitress said that they have had to make some of the portions smaller 'because of the stock market.'" [EaterWire Inbox]

PASADENA: Do you want to see how tall CJ really is? Some of our favorite and (mostly) local cheftestants---Betty Fraser (Season 2), "I'm Not Your Bitch, Bitch" Dave Martin (Season 1), and C.J. Jacobsen---will be on hand for a Top Chef cookbook signing and event at Vroman's on Sunday, May 4 (5pm). Too bad Tom Colicchio will be getting honored on Melrose Place at the very same time. [EaterWire]

SOCIETY PAGES: We don't usually announce weddings, but this is a nice story: Stefano Ongaro, owner of All' Angelo, is set to marry Rosanna Marino, sister to Sal Marino, chef and owner of Il Grano. Stefano worked with Sal at Il Grano, where he met Rosanna, but the two didn't date until after he opened his own restaurant (respect for the family). An old-fashioned sort, he asked permission from both Sal and her father just to go on a date. The two will wed on May 4. Awww?. [EaterWire]

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