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Silver Lake Correction: Reservoir Still Taking Over Netty's

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We posted some rumors swirling around the Silver Lake shutters yesterday, but we now know one is absolutely false: Gloria Felix still has dibs on the Netty's space, it will still be Reservoir, and she's shooting to open in the second week of July.. She apparently got a lot of calls about what we wrote, so apologies for the bad info/bad intel. Working with business partner Darren Roberts, Reservoir will be "California rustic," seasonal, with its own herb garden. Felix, who's worked in some top kitchens in town (A.O.C., Lucques, Grace and Jar), said part of the delays were due to her time on Hell's Kitchen; she's currently one of Gordon Ramsay's sous chefs on the show, and they filmed two seasons back to back. About being on the show? "Since I wasn't a contestant," she says,"I was on the good side of Gordon. I actually learned a lot about myself as a chef." As for all the other rumors: Still rumor.
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