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Eater Inside: Malibu Pier Club

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It's difficult to call this an "inside" since most of the Malibu Pier Club is outside. Just as the name states, this little number is at the foot of the Malibu Pier, just off the street, with perfect views of Surfrider Beach to the right, millionaires' homes to the left, nothing but horizon and waves directly out front. MPC comes to us from the same people who owns Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach and the Ruby's Diner chain. The place only seats 75 or so, mostly tables on the patio with a few stools in the narrow 40s-inspired bar. Original photos, tile murals, nice wookwork inside. Beachy snacks like caesar salad "fondue," grilled chicken sandwich with prosciutto, truffle chips, martinis, wines, beer on the menu. Soon there will be a "tiki room" for private parties, and in July, the Beachcomber Restaurant next door and Ruby's Shake Shack will open at the end of the pier. Note: parking in the adjacent lot is valet only, and costs $10 up front, but you'll be reimbursed $5 for two hours at any of the pier restaurants. Of course, you can always fight the surfers for a spot on the PCH. Early Plywood sightings here and here.