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The Hills Descends on Comme Ca

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Well, Frank Bruni, if you thought it was difficult to get into Comme Ca (or find a place to wait at the bar) before, it will be an absolute madhouse now. Here we have the second epiosode from new season of The Hills. That's Lauren "LC" Conrad to the left, her Laguna Beach friend Lo to the right; they're discussing Brody Jenner and the fact that LC needs to find a "nice boy" over what looks to be a lunchtime Caesar salad. OK, OK, OK...that's all pretty irrelevant to you, Mr. Bruni, because you don't watch MTV, and they'll probably never go there again. But who will? The mass of trendsters, wannabes and out-and-out fanatic Hills fans who will probably desecend on Comme Ca because the girls were there at some point. These sort of shenanigans are generally saved for [insert Dolce Group/SBE restaurant or nightclub here] or cheap Mexican/party restaurants. As if it wasn't enough to fight all the non-eaters you saw taking up all the tables at Comme Ca, now you'll have to fight the MTV crowd for a good cocktail and the cheese bar. But at least you'll have something to talk about.
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Comme Ça

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