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The Mystery of Xooro: More Tapas for SM?

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We queried about new shop called Xooro on Broadway near Joe's Pizza in Santa Monica, and while we don't have specifics, we do have a series of clues.

(1) Google, and you'll find this: "(pronounce it: sure-oh) American premium version of the famous."

(2) Email the company and you'll get this: "Thank you for your interest in Xooro. It is a restaurant serving quick bites."

(3) Last week, a reader asked if we knew anything about the "tapas bar / brewery" in the same vicinity on Broadway: "All the tables and chairs on the patio of this new spot were dark green and the patio stretched the entire front of the resturant... There was a sign that said tapas but the layout looked like they would cater to micro-brews - also looked almost finished..."

Xooro is 125 Broadway, and our tipster says he was eyeing 158 Broadway. Still, which is the tapas restaurant: Xooro or the yet to be named? Are "quick bites" tapas or, say, hot dogs? What if both of these locations want to serve tapas, and not far from Joe Miller's Bar Pintxo, we might add. Of course, serving tapas and calling your menu tapas are two different things. First there were back-to-back NYC-style pizza shop openings in SM, so is tapas next? So many questions!
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