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Liveblogging Father's Office 2.0: It's Open!

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When there's an anticipated opening such as one for the new Father's Office at the Helms Bakery building, there's only one thing to do: Liveblog.

5:39pm: Arrival. Doors closed. About 10 people waiting outside. One guy in nicely pressed white button down shirt: "They were supposed to open at 4, but now they said 6." Overheard nearby: "Let's just go."

6:00pm: Number of people doubles outside. Doors still shut. Will it open? What if it was all a big tease? Across the street: Let's Be Frank hot dog cart noticably absent. Closed on Mondays. Bummer.

6:04pm: Blinds pulled up, everyone files in. No chairs around the tables yet, just banquette seating. Bar stools are the first to fill. Booths next. Heaters juicing up outside, lots of picnic table seating. Beers pouring. 44 people counted in first wave.

6:05pm: First drink served: Aviation martini.

6:15pm: Our first Liberty Ale in, patio starting to get crowded. Sang Yoon and the entire FO staff at the ready. Lots of headset action happening.

7:05: Partners in crime arrive, sweet potato fries in tow. Hot, crispy outside, soft inside, perfectly salted. Second Liberty. All tables full, small line at the bar.

7:26pm: Time for the burger---not easy to eat and blog---and battery life not what it used to be. People now waiting in wings for first table opening, line out front door. Two deep at ordering stations in the bar. We'll have a full report/recap and photo gallery tomorrow.

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