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It's Time: Father's Office 2.0 Opens Tonight

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We'll, it's sort of official: FO 2.0 opens tonight. We say "sort of" because we haven't officially confirmed it, and someone wants to keep the exact time a secret. But if we were to venture a guess, we'd say 5pm is probably beer time. Remember, this really is a 2.0 launch: Bigger space, more beer on tap, deconstructed cocktails, booths, picnic tables, cool bathrooms, but all with that Sang Yoon attitude (still no ketchup, yes, there are nuts in the olives, and don't even think about ordering a Cosmo, or vodka for that matter). Above, a little reminder of what we saw at last week's opening party. See you there! (3229 Helms Ave, Culver City; 310.736.2224)
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