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Grilled Cheese Winners

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First inside report from the Grilled Cheese Invitational comes via a competitor: "The crowd, made of up of about 500 hipsters and Burning Man devotees with a few foodies and families thrown in for good measure, was at times fanatic, ecstatic, frenzied, and ravenous...The cooking area was roped off from the rest of the event space to allow some semblance of separation from the cheese-crazed attendees. That isn't meant to imply that the contestants weren't fanatic about their grilled cheese, however. Many "teams" came dressed in full regalia." The Hobson's Choice crew entered the Kama Sutra category; their "Seaside Cheddar with Braised Beef and Hot Peppers on Country White" won second place. First place: The Foundry chef Eric Greenspan's taleggio cheese with short ribs, arugula and apricot caper purée on raisin bread. [Hobson's Choice]

The Foundry On Melrose

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