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Ramsay, In-N-Out and Eva

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While filming Hell's Kitchen and trying to open Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood, El Gordo has become quite charmed with LA. On In-N-Out Burgers: "I was so bad, I sat in the restaurant, had my double cheeseburger then minutes later I drove back round and got the same thing again to take away." On working out (at UCLA): "I was a fat chef once and it's not a good thing to go to say hello to a customer when your stomach is bulging over the table, so I did something about it." On Eva Longoria Parker: "I had dinner with her a couple of weeks ago. Eva's a foodie. I'm amazed someone so small can eat so much - she must have hollow legs." Sidenote: Do you think they ate at Beso? [Sunday Mail]

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