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Westside Market Hall: LA's Ferry Building?

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For those that lament the fact that LA really has nothing like the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco, hopefully by 2010, we'll have the Westside Market Hall. Backers of this 60,000-square-foot compound for food artisans and vendors, restaurants, farmer's stalls and other purveyors are David Paris and Dave Reiss, investor and owner, respectively, of The Brig, Beechwood, The Del and the Alibi Room. From the project website:

Using a smart environmentally-sustainable design, we envision the Westside Market Hall as a place where singular vendors can come together under one roof to sell high quality products. The idea is to target local vendors that are best in their category. This may include a top echelon purveyor of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, a bakery, and various vendors selling locally and sustainably grown produce. In addition, select purveyors of diverse and international product lines will complement the local farmers and artisans. These outstanding tenants will be situated on either side of a central corridor within a high-ceilinged market hall flooded with sunlight from the street-facing windows. We will construct and maintain an attractive courtyard and plaza area for casual dining and community events.
This is an exciting thought, for sure. No tenant announcements yet (although Reiss will do a restaurant, concept still unknonw), but what would you like to see there? Comments board is all yours.
· Westside Market Hall [Official Site]

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