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More Ferran Adrià news today: The Spanish chef says that he is not closing the impossible-to-get-into El Bulli, but he foresees reducing the covers in about five years: "It’s possible we will become a place of investigation. A place where people can sometimes come to eat so that we can get feedback and have a relationship with the consumer. We would have just eight or ten people in the staff here. And two or three tables." Related: A judge for the annual 50 Best Restaurants in the World awards, which ranks El Bulli #1, thinks the competition is a farce and isn't afraid to say it: "El Bulli only opens for only six months of the year, and all seats are booked on the day they are released, I am amazed that so many judges were able to get casts some doubt on the validity of the awards...the whole thing needs a shake-up." [Big Hospitality/IndyBlogs via Eater NY]

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