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EaterWire: Anisette Update, More Rockenwagner in SM, Malo and The Foundry Add Brunch

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Bits and pieces and breadcrumbs end up in the daily EaterWire. Got some news to share? The tip line is always open.
Anisette, before it was unsheathed

SANTA MONICA: A tipster ran into Alain Giraud at the farmer's market recently: "The brasserie (I called it a "cafe" and was quickly corrected) has an awning up and the windows are done in very typical brasserie style. Silly me forgot to ask him the opening date." That's OK. We hear it won't open until mid-May and will go against the grain and debut breakfast first, then lunch, and dinner will probably start at the end of May, early June. [EaterWire Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: Another SM tipster spotted signage: "I was walking tonight and it looks like Rockenwagner is moving something into the space next to the gelato place just off the Promenade (so said the papers hanging in the windows)." Details anyone? [EaterWire Inbox]

MELROSE: Eric Greenspan's The Foundry started a new Sunday brunch in the truest sense---it doesn't start until 2pm. In addition to the crazy-sounding "pancake lasagna" (pancakes, sausage, eggs, cheese, pancakes, bacon, eggs, cheese, and maple bechamel as the glue) there are cocktails like a grapefruit Bloody Mary and Jack-spiked iced tea. The lounge menu with the first-place Grilled Cheese Invitational sandwich is also available, plus live jazz. [EaterWire]

SILVER LAKE: Adding to the brunch craze: Malo, now serving Saturday and Sundays from 9am-2:30pm, and the bar stays open in the afternoons for tacos, chips and salsa. [EaterWire Inbox]