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Eating John Cho's LA

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Harold & Kumar's John Cho (Harold for the uninitiated), a self-proclaimed "phenomenal eater," shares some LA eating tips: "It’s not being able to cook that has led me to many corners of L.A. For some reason, L.A. doesn’t get credit for being one of the most cosmopolitan places on earth. If you tally up all the neighborhoods, L.A. has some of the best cuisine. I think it’s better than New York, I really do. I get really nuts when New Yorkers say that there’s not good Chinese food here. It’s a real affront to me. It’s because they haven’t left WeHo. You’ve got to get in your car and go to a neighborhood that you may not want to go to. But don’t say that there’s no good Chinese food." [Metromix]

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