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Frozen Yogurt Wars Cont.: Yogen Fruz, Yogiyo, Yogurtland

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Pinkberry may have celebrated their 50th store opening today (Free T-shirts! Meet the founders!), the ooze that they created continues. See another berry-fruit-yo-color shop opening somewhere? The froyo tip line is always open.

BEVERLY HILLS: The photo and a note from a froyo watcher: "Noticed a sign on the corner of Brighton Way and Canon for Yogen Früz, which has been around (and has a trying-too-hard-to-be-cute logo) since 1986. That was the LAST froyo craze, right?" Well, trends are cyclical. Let's go back a bit. Last year, we got a puffy email claiming that Yogen Fruz planned more than 300 stores for the U.S. by the end of 2008. According to their corporate blog, that number has increased: Now they want to open more than 1,000 locations in the States over the next 7-10 years. Los Angeles County is a target market for them, and this BH store might very well be the first one. [EaterWire]

CULVER CITY: After opening a location in Glendale a couple months ago, newbie Yogiyo will open at 8985 Venice Boulevard soon. In an effort to not look like a direct Pinkberry rip-off, the company explains its logo: "Symbolizes the freshness and the swirl shape of the frozen yogurt. The logo also represents the acronymn characters of our brand name. The color orange and green of the logo represents freshness and natural quality of the product." The look of the store, however, leaves little wonder where the idea came from. This location is less than a mile away from Cantaloop, also opening soon. [EaterWire]

MIRACLE MILE: Another one going for the Pinkberry Onslaught record: Yogurtland, a self-serve yogurt shop, with signage on La Brea near 3rd. [EaterWire]

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