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One Food Truck That Can Stay Put For Months

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MPC kitchen, Food Marathon

We were so enamored by the fabulous views and glistening waves at the Malibu Pier Club, we didn't even notice this food truck in back---which is actually out front, on the PCH---and it's been there for weeks. Now before you get all worked up that taco truck vendors are fighting for survival while the Richie Rich's out in Malibu can do whatever they want, this isn't just any mobile kitchen parked in one spot for more than 60 minutes, it's the kitchen for the small MPC menu. Official word from the owners:

Due to the construction of the Beachcomber, the Malibu Pier Club is currently cooking in a Mobile Catering Vehicle that has been approved for use in Los Angeles county. Once the Beachcomber opens of July 1, the food for both the Malibu Pier Club and Beachcomber will be cooked in the Beachcomber's kitchen.
But it is one possible reason why the food looks like this.
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