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Good News/Bad News: Andiamo Pizza

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Photos by Alen Lin, 4/08

Andiamo has been open for about a month or so now, and the press seemed to take quite an interest in its eco-friendliness and Lance scooters more than the pizza. But does fare hold up to the hype? Time to gauge the chatter with the return of Good News/Bad News. It's always best to start with the Good:

GOOD: "I have only ordered once and I think the owner or manager was the one who helped me, but regardless of the great great service and super fast delivery, the food was amazing. We ordered the Cinque Formaggio, which for you brain-dead readers out there means 5 cheese. The pizza was EXACTLY like this pizza place in Florence that I used to frequent called Pizza Bianca. The crispy thin crust was warm and crunchy and the cheeses were melted upon arrival, which means it was just out of the oven....The only bad thing was that I inquired about their "Speciale di Giorno" pizza, which in the menu states is market price. The kid I was talking to had no clue what I was asking for. I had to hang up, push my frustration aside and call back. Thankfully I got the owner the second time. I guess they are too new to have day to day specials? Yum, yum, yum." [Yelp]

BETTER: "Andiamo has only been open a month, and as Chef Spinella becomes more familiar with farmers markets, I expect the restaurant to get even better. For now, it’s already a welcome casual addition to the Silver Lake dining scene." [Food GPS]

SO-SO: "The verdict’s still out on whether this is the best pizza in Silverlake. It garners the full spectrum of responses from "awesome" to "sucks." At least its eco-conscience is indisputable." [Metromix]

BAD: The utter disappointment of Andiamo has finally motivated me to write you. What's the deal over there? We ordered the other night and, aside from them being 40 minutes late (bio diesel shortage?) the pizza was very sub par-- thick, unseasoned crust, bad sauce/cheese proportion. They also messed up a pretty basic salad, which was the real mystery of the night. I felt like I had been thrown back in time to pizza night at my college's vegan co-op, give or take a couple drum circles and a lot of turmeric. Have you guys had similar experiences or was this just a bad night? I've been very skeptical of this city's recent pizza explosion, but I really wanted this one to be good because I like what they're doing on the eco-friendly tip." [Eater Inbox]
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