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Taco Truck Wars: Save the Tacos on May 1

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From Save Our Taco Trucks

The messy East LA Taco Truck War makes headlines in Time this week, with a big shout out to the guys who started the revolution:

Taco truck patrons are getting fired up, too. About 2,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the law to be repealed at, a web site created by two teachers, Aaron Sonderleiter and Chris Rutherford. Signers have left comments like, "The revolution will be served on a paper plate," "This is for you, Taco Zone. Your al pastor tacos have warmed my soul on many a cold night," and "Quit punishing people for bringing us taco-induced joy! Viva los taco trucks!"
Sonerleiter and Rutherford want to gather 5,000 signatures to stop the ordinance and send to Gloria Molina and the Board of Supervisors by May 1. They also designated May 1 as Taco Truck Night: "Take your family, your friends, or anybody else who loves tacos. Go out, get some carne asada or al pastor and support your local hard working taco vendor. While you’re there be sure to hand out some posters and tell your fellow Angelenos what’s happening to our beloved Taco Trucks."
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