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Americana Mega Preview Day 2: The Rest

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We offered a look around to some of the restaurants/cafes/eateries yesterday, and earlier today it was all Katsuya; now we have a final look at the rest. Frida Mexican Cuisine is the big corner anchor for the Brand entrance, and with its huge ceilings, big par, patio and shiny tile, it's nothing like the intimate original on Beverly Boulevard. Beard Papa's will be a kiosk not to far from that, and the Jewel City Diner looks all retro and cool over by the H&M. Caffe Primo is on the other side, near shops like Kate Spade and Lucky Brand. We didn't catch where Richie's Pizza, Granville Cafe or the Korean place will be. It's amazing that this entire development, which looked like controlled chaos today, will open in two days; one if you count the private black-tie premiere on Thursday. But we heard it from the tanned Rick Caruso himself: All will open on May 2.
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