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Americana at Brand Mega Preview Day 2: Katsuya

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We just took a spin around The Americana at Brand, which is still heavily under construction as all the workmen, staffers, groundskeepers and head honchos put final touches on everything for the May 2 debut. It's really quite frantic, especially with the various tour groups being led through the sawdust. We had a small preview yesterday, but today's TAAB gallery comes in two parts. First up, the new Katsuya, the third and largest of the SBE/Katsuya Uechi resto chain. Some fun facts about the space, next.

Here's what to know: Katsuya anchors a corner right by the fountain; it has a huge patio in front, plus one upstairs, both have heated floors as well as overhead heaters; there's a nice little first-floor room with a sushi bar on one side and cocktail bar on the other; an impressive spiral steel staircase leads you up to the main dining room, which is has the same look as Hollywood and Brentwood locations (center sushi bar, caramel-colored booths, Starck-designed chairs, photos of Japanese women's faces and one ear). The food and drinks will be the same, but more like a greatest hits of the two other locations. Oh, and back to that upstairs patio---we can see those as the most requested seats in the hosue.
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