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Once a French Bistro, Always a French Bistro: The Case of the Cafe Marlys

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While the French bistro/brasserie thing is pretty hot in town right now, a reader sends the above snap of the homey Cafe Marly in Beverly Hills and a note: "It's been like that for months now. I didn't know it took so long to renovate a small place like that." Indeed. The restaurant's website says they closed last year for a quick nip/tuck:

We would like to inform you that Cafe Marly - Beverly Hills will be remodeled starting Monday, September 10. We predict that the remodeling will last few month. Come back online soon, we will keep you posted on the evolution of the remodleing.
We called the restaurant and the outgoing message says to call the Melrose location; we did and found out that that location, as of January, is now called Le Bistrot Francais. The owner apparently sold it. Still no word about the Beverly Hills location.

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