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EaterWire: Inside LA Mill's Retail Boutique, New Chef at Loews SM, Charles Perry Retires from LAT

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LA Mill boutique, via Racked

SILVER LAKE: Racked LA has some spiffy pics of the new LA Mill retail space and all the goodies you'll find within. Chemex? Check. Glassware, teas? Check and check. [Racked LA]

SANTA MONICA: Gregory Foos is the new executive chef at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. He replaces Gregg Wangard who left last year. Foos, who hails from a Loews property in St. Pete Beach, FL, will oversee all culinary ops, including Ocean and Vine restaurant, which, coincidentally, will have a new menu soon. [EaterWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Someone tipped us off awhile ago that food columnist Charles Perry was leaving the LAT, and today his fellow print foodies threw his retirement party, complete with doughnut smorgasbord. "While food is but one of Charlie's passions -- do a Web search under his name and you're likely to find references to medieval cuisine, long-dead languages, Haight-Ashbury, Rolling Stone magazine and even Augustus Stanley Owsley (his college roommate) -- it has, of course, been the focus of his professional life. A member of the Times staff for 18 years, Charlie has often been referred to as the wit of the Food section, with knowledge (and personal experience) covering everything from historic California pit barbecue to the finest ancient recipes for rotted barley." Perry will continue to write one-off articles for the Times. [Daily Dish]

Lamill Coffee Boutique

1636 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026 323 663 4441