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Hollywood Fire Week: Basque Engulfed in Flames Today

More post-fire photos on Curbed LA

A huge fire took out Basque Nightclub and Restaurant on the corner of Hollywood and Vine this morning. According to the LAT, firefighters were sent at 5:30am, battled the flames for more than two hours, shut down the crossroads, and used aerial ladders to pour water on the fire. It's suspected the fire started in the attic and no one was hurt. The go-go dancers, however, will have to find a new gig. While it doesn't have the draw it did when it first opened (parties for Lindsay Lohan, etc.), lines still form outside Basque on weekend nights. This is the second Hollywood venue fire in just a few days: A few blocks away, Off Vine suffered severe fire damage on Sunday. City Councilman Eric Garcetti told KCAL: "It's notable we have been having some fires in this area, and we will be looking into it."
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