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Eater StarWatch: Dave Grohl at Mozza, Orlando Bloom at Little Dom's, Edward Norton at Akasha and MORE

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Did you miss us, you StarWatchers? We apologize. We were blinded by all the celebrity chefs last week. But here, today, new sightings, old celebs and vice versa. See someone hovering over their Mozza? Give it here, please. "StarWatch" in the subject line helps.

PIZZERIA MOZZA: The best screamer in rock, Dave Grohl, spotted on Wednesday (4/2). Neil Patrick Harris was also there, sans ressie, so he had to wait at one of the bars for a seat. [StarWatch Inbox]

OSTERIA MOZZA: "Vince Vaughn was spotted at last night (4/1) with producer Scott Stuber. At a separate table Sacha Baron Cohen." Another tipster was bored seeing Damon Wayans the week before (3/25). [Eater StarWatch]

AKASHA: "I was at Akasha in Culver City on Tuesday (3/26) and saw Edward Norton sitting at a table of six with what looked like a close family gathering." [StarWatch Inbox]

LITTLE DOM'S: One night (3/24), a bevy of hipster stars, not together: Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kelly Lynch, Mitch Glazer, Christina Ricci and dreamy Orlando Bloom. [Stylephile]

KATSUYA HOLLYWOOD: From a couple weeks ago: "Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas pulled up to Katsuya Hollywood in a Bentley GT around 11 last night (3/22). He successful dodged the 'Is Fergie pregnant?' question from the paps as he made his way in." [StarWatch Inbox]

EMPRESS PAVILION: She held her own on at the Top Chef table, and now she gets our vote for being a good eater: Aisha Tyler spotted having dim sum in Chinatown. [Planet Gossip]

GOOD LUCK BAR: Saturday, 3/23: Quentin Tarantino caught sipping some fruity concoction with a couple of ladies. "The indie bartenders were all atwitter...and probably actually on Twitter." [Defamer]

LOCANDA VENETA: Spotted dining with three woman, one looking very Parker Posey-esque: Keanu Reeves. [Defamer]

GREEN DOOR: We usually don't do the clubs because, well, the celebs are not so interesting at the clubs. Except when it comes to Prince, who got up on stage at a recent Tuesday Jazz night at the Hollywood spot. [Planet Gossip]

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