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Starbucks Does "Something Big" on April 8

Starbucks: Aren't these stunts getting a little old? First you close "to retrain" your staff, news that should barely make a dent in the news cycle yet it was a media frenzy. Then you buy up all the Clovers. Now what? Something bigger than a Venti? Giganti? More plastic to throw on the trash heap? One last question: Why do we need to fight parking and tourists at Hollywood & Highland if we can join in the "exciting celebration" anywhere?

***UPDATE: This just in from a tipster: "I have a friend at Starbucks who told me to go visit next week, that they were going to introduce a REALLY good coffee bean...they do everything by hand and it's supposed to be the best tasting coffee that they've had." How very...unexciting.
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