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EaterWire: Kokomo Moves This Week, Verdugo Goes to Six Nights, Yankee Doodles WoHi Closes Tonight

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MID-CITY: According to a tipster, the Kokomo Café move to the Eat Well location on Beverly and Martel will happen "sometime in the next week." We still haven't heard what's moving in to the Kokomo space at the Farmers Market. (Photo credit: Flickr) [EaterWire]

GLASSELL PARK: The low-key beer-lover's Verdugo Bar finally escapes the "soft open" phase and goes to six days a week starting April 8. There's also Beer Pong. Beer Pong! [UrbanDaddy]

WOODLAND HILLS: Valley sports fans will have to find another bar to overtake: Yankee Doodles will close after tonight's NCAA championship game. The Santa Monica location will remain open. [WHWC]