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Plywood Report: The Delancey Compound

The Plywood finally came down from around the buildings on Sunset Boulevard and Tamarind Avenue revealing facades for Delancey, The Mission, an unnamed wine bar, and bonus, a take-out sandwich shop, all opening "soon." George Abou-Daoud, owner of The Bowery just a few blocks west, has been working on these concepts for awhile now, but Delancey should debut first. The exterior is glazed fire engine-red brick with great light fixtures and wrought-iron details. From a quick peek inside, it's nothing like the Taste of Thai that preceded it, now with pressed-tin ceilings, leather booths, a nice long bar, bistro chairs, dark wood floors, brick arches. Bowery staffers confirm it will be East Coast Italian-inspired. Around the Tamarind side, the green building with two small windows will be a sandwich shop, also Italian; and on Sunset, there's a middle door to a wine bar, and next to that, a door to The Mission, a Mexican restaurant (word is it will have a rooftop patio). If that's not enough Abou-Daoud for you, the owner previously told us he has even more ideas/locations in the works. Maybe another Bowery in LA? Stay tuned.
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