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The Doheny, Infiltrated: That's It? Really?

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We only got teaser photos, but Caroline on Crack used her Seven Grand connections to infiltrate The Doheny, Cedd Moses top-secret private club, and reported the evening in great detail on LAist. Confirmed: The whole thing is a total sham. The highlights...

1) Rules: No cameras allowed. If the $4950 initial membership fee isn't enough, valet is $7. No cellphone usage inside; texting OK. Most disappointing: No fingerprint scanner.

2) "Strict dress code": Which on occasion includes hoodies, flannels and jeans.

3) Crowd: Six older people early; later, mostly Seven Grand employees.

3) Interior: Hallway, bar, patio. Lamps made from antique absinthe fountains, exposed raw concrete ceiling and pipes, leather booths, dusty. The greenhouse 'patio' has rusted and "highly uncomfortable metal chairs," tables "straight from Cedd Moses' own backyard," fireplace, TV and retractable ceiling. Bathrooms wallpapered with old deeds.

4) Fancy cocktails (Angel Dusk: Fillioux Grand Champagne VSOP, Aperol, almond syrup, Angostura and orange bitters, flamed orange peel; Southern Belle: 12-year-old Elijah Craig, kumquats, fresh mint, lemon, Licor 43 and housemade vanilla syrup) around $15-$20. 55-year-old Macallan single malt scotch ($1,000 an ounce). They "make" their own water.

5) Neal Fraser's menu: cheese, charcuterie, blinis with caviar. Or take-out from the Liberty Grill next door.

6) The Gist: One of the bartenders works at Seven Grand anyway, so you can probably get the same cocktails without the steep membership fee and/or pretentiousness.
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