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BYOB Hiccup at Cobras & Matadors

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What will the Cobras & Matadors' diners do for easy BYOB wine now? This here is Bicentennial 13, the tiny wine and beer shop next to Steven Arroyo's tapas-esque space on Beverly Boulevard. That sign plastered on the door (and again inside) is a "suspension of license" from the state Alcohol Beverage Control. Although the signs are very prominently placed for the public to see, according to an ABC rep, it's not public record as to why, at least not yet. It could be anything from tax reasons to serving minors, but just like a criminal record, they can't disclose. But because Bicentennial has been cited for "permitted consumption of alcoholic beverages in unlicensed portion of premises" twice before, let's assume this is the same situation. In case you didn't know, BYOB is illegal (yes, true). Arroyo owns both, but only the wine shop is licensed, not the restaurant.

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