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BREAKING: Charcoal To Become Gaucho Grill

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When Adolfo Suaya and Michael Sutton opened Charcoal at the Arclight last May, it should've been an automatic winner: There's a built-in post-movie crowd and a full bar. But after barely a year, Charcoal will become the new Gaucho Grill flagship. Reps say Suaya closed the original Gaucho Grill, which he opened on Sunset and Laurel in 1987, because of "landlord issues." Of course, if Charcoal was a huge success, it's a safe bet Suaya would reopen in a new location vs. taking over an existing restaurant. Details are sketchy, but there are rumblings about a closure, renovations and a debut "in a few months." We don't know if Sutton will stay involved (he generally partners on non-Gaucho projects), or whether they'll rethink that ridiculous "no change" policy. Stay tuned.
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