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Starbucks Works It

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A tipster sends a full Starbucks 04.08.08 promotion update from the Hollywood & Highland epicenter: "The Pike Place Roast – meh. It’s better than the charred House Blend, but just a little. It doesn’t change my world, or make me want to abandon Peet’s, Intelligentsia, et al. At the event, servers are wandering the central court with trays of coffee cups emblazoned with the old-fashioned Starbucks logo (complete with bare-breasted mermaid), and they are giving out small bags of free coffee beans, which they will grind on the spot. More importantly, they are distributing cards that will enable the holder – and the friend who receives the second card – to receive a free tall Pike Place Roast drip coffee every Wednesday through May 28. That’s eight Wednesdays of free coffee." UPDATE: Same tipster says the H&H location will continue the promotion tomorrow from 11am-2:30pm, [EaterWire]

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