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Plywood Report Culver City Edition: Gyenari, Chipotle, Cantaloop, Rush Street, M Café de Chaya

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The Culver City boom just won't stop! Now that all the independents are successfully purring along, in come the chains. Not all newcomers are franchises, but most. See some Plywood in your 'hood? Drop it in the tip jar, please.

1) Gyenari: From a tipster: "Walking in downtown next to the Culver Hotel and the movie theatre, there are some new developments. A Korean place placed a banner, the website has no real info, of course. Name is Gyenari." If our memory serves, this will be in the vacant building next to Rush Street. We don't have full details yet, but we will say it again: Korean, total buzzword for '08. [PLYWOOD]

2) Chipotle: It's a fact: Everyone hated Howdy's. Food wasn't great, and pay for extra chips! Are you crazy? The taco monstrosity will be replaced with another burritoporium, Chipotle. Did you know Chipotle served margaritas? We didn't, until just now. [PLYWOOD]

3) Cantaloop: The Frozen Yogurt Wars just won't let up. We don't know why this still surprises. But the better-than-Pinkberry Cantaloop will open on Main Street sometime "soon." People seem to likey the pomegranate and blueberry flavors. Not Culver City news, but we noted more locations on the horizon for Pasadena (Lake Avenue) and two planned for downtown.[PLYWOOD]

5) Rush Street: Things are moving along with the Chicago-inspired spot---you know, big bar, lounge, rooftop patio---but we had a hunch the April date was wishful thinking. Now the owners are hoping for sometime in May. [PLYWOOD]

6) M Café de Chaya: From our tipster: "The build is really in full swing, walls up inside and all." It's been feng shuied, hiring continues, and the new debut date is early May (previously April). [PLYWOOD]

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