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EaterWire: King King on Fire? Lunch at Bastide, Cheese Store of Beverly Hills Tastings

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HOLLYWOOD: Wait, is King King (6555 Hollywood Blvd) on fire now? From Metromix: "I just heard from James Sinclair, owner of bar/clubs Element, L'Scorpion and La Cantina, that King King is on fire. There's no news on this anywhere. Does anyone know what's up?" One day after Basque burned down, just a few more after Off Vine did. Hollywood's hot, folks. On fire. UPDATE (Fri): A commenter walked by and said they didn't see a fire. [Metromix]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Manzke and Co. started lunch at Bastide (Tue-Fri), which should be just lovely in that garden. And a bargain: The three-course menu is only $38. [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS: Norbert Wabnig and Tony Prinicotta from the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills throws little tasting parties from time to time---we went to one loaded with truffles a couple years ago. Next one is May 7-8 and 13-14 featuring wines (reds and whites) and cheeses from Southern France and "other fresh surprises." Takes places on the Shakey's patio. $60, call 310.278.2855 for reservations. [EaterWire]