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Gordon Ramsay at the London Menu Revealed, Reservation Lines Open

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Breaking news from West Hollywood today: the mid-June opening date for Gordon Ramsay at the London hotel has been upped to May 27---and the ressie lines are open! What's more, we have the menu for your degustation. You can definitely see the attempt at being more West Coast for his LA venture---spiny lobster and halibut, market vegetables, Sonoma lamb---plus some pork belly, lots of foie, and one "crispy duck tongue" garnish. More Gordon Ramsay description from the man himself in an earlier interview:

"If you think customers are impatient in NY, wait to you see how impatient they are here in LA. One thing I can't afford to get sucked up is the trend formation of restaurants here. I invested heavily, we have a 10 year lease, and the style, the feel and décor of the dining room is vibrant. The décor is very LA, lots of silver, nickel, brushed stainless steel, cream fabric. Fast and furious, a level of intimacy, a level of fun."
The winner of the current Hell's Kitchen season is supposed to become the "executive chef" of Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood, but in reality it's just a glorified sous chef position, which is a good thing: Watching this season of HK, not one of those contestants deserve anythign more than dish detail. (1020 N San Vicente Blvd, 310.358.7788)
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